After meeting initial due diligence requirements and upon subsequent Stateline Angel Board determination that there may be member interest in a particular business opportunity, the entrepreneur(s) seeking capital may be allowed the opportunity to briefly present their business plan to the general membership.  The goal of such a presentation is to give the membership an executive overview of the investment opportunity so that the Stateline Angels can then determine if there is sufficient member interest to merit continuing due diligence and analysis.  To assure the initial presentation is focused and consistent with member expectations, we suggest presenters cover the items in the following outline:

    Suggested Outline of an Initial Investor Presentation

    1. The Problem – Illustrate the market’s issues and needs

    2. Your Solution  - Articulate  how your proposed solution relieves the problem

    3. Business model – How big is your market and how will your business make money?

    4. Technology -  What is your underlying technology and how is it protected?

    5. Marketing and sales – How will you go to market?

    6. Competition / Competitive  Advantage – Who is in this space and why are you better?

    7. Team – Who is your Management team and what holes you think you need to fill?

    8. Financial Projections – Provide for no more than 5 years

    9. Status and Timeline – Where are you today and what are your future milestones?

    10. Capital Needs - How much money you are looking for and what it will fund?

    11. Exit Strategy
    – How and when do you anticipate liquidity for your investors?


Suggested Time:  Maximum 20 Minutes for Prepared Presentation


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